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We welcome your interest in joining the Insurance Council of Texas, the largest state insurance trade association in the country. We offer two types of membership: Member and Associate Member. Any group of insurance companies with one or more affiliates, or any individual insurance company not a part of a group of insurance companies, authorized to write property or casualty insurance in Texas, shall be eligible to become a Member. Insurance companies that are commonly owned, affiliated or otherwise within a group comprise a “Member” for membership in the corporation and for allocation of membership fees, charges and other expenses as provided in our Bylaws.

Associate Membership is available to any person, firm or corporation which provides services to property/casualty insurance companies and whose interests are aligned with those of the industry. Admission to associate membership is at the discretion of the manager or as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors. A person, firm or corporation wishing to become an Associate Member must apply on a form provided by the corporation and pay in advance the membership fees determined and authorized by the Board of Directors. Associate Members or representatives of associate members are not eligible to vote and they are not eligible to serve as directors.

Annual dues are required for both Members and Associate Members. Members pay an assessment as determined by the ICT Board of Directors. Please contact Mark Hanna, manager of Public Relations and Membership for questions you may have concerning ICT dues and assessments. Mark can be reached at or 512-444-9611. All applications are subject to review and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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