House Committee Assignments Released


Committee assignments for the 85th Legislative Session were released today, Thursday, February 9. There are two committees that consider insurance related legislation – the House Committee on Insurance and House Committee on Business & Industry.

The House Committee on Insurance is comprised this session of Chair Rep. Larry Phillips (R – Sherman), Vice Chair Rep. Sergio Munoz (D – Mission), Rep. Rodney Anderson (R – Irving), Rep. Lance Gooden (R – Terrell), Rep. Tom Oliverson (R – Houston), Rep. Dennis Paul (R – Galveston), Rep. Scott Sanford (R – McKinney), Rep. Chris Turner (D – Arlington), and Rep. Hubert Vo (D – Houston).

Vice Chair Munoz and Reps. Paul and Vo are back from the 84th session Insurance Committee. Rep. Turner served on the Insurance Committee in the 83rd legislative session. The makeup of the committee is the same as the 84th with 6 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

Property and Casualty insurance legislation is referred to and considered by the Insurance Committee.

The House Committee on Business and Industry is now comprised of Chair Rep. Rene Oliveira (R – Brownsville), Vice Chair Rep. Hugh Shine (R – Temple), Rep. Nicole Collier (D – Fort Worth), Rep. Ramon Romero (D – Fort Worth), Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R – Bedford), Rep. Jason Villaba (R – Dallas) and Rep. Paul Workman (R – Austin).

Reps. Oliveira, Colllier, Romero, and Villaba served on the committee during the 84th legislative session.

Workers’ compensation insurance related legislation is referred to and considered by the Business and Industry Committee.

The full list of committee assignments is available here.