ICT hosted its Annual Membership Meeting to share the organization’s efforts on behalf of its members and the Texas property and casualty industry.  Watch the video below to hear an update from ICT’s Executive Director and Chair of the Board. We are pleased to confirm that Farmers, State Auto and USAA’s memberships were unanimously approved.





1. Call to Order - Chairman, John Stuckemeyer


2. Antitrust Compliance Statement -Jay Thompson, ICT General Counsel


The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) is a non-profit organization designed to provide input to the Texas media, the public, insurance regulators, and other governmental employees concerning legislation or regulations that may affect property casualty insurance including automobile, property, liability, surety, workers compensation and other lines of business written by member property casualty insurance companies. When involved in meetings or other activities of ICT insurers and other participants are bound to limit their discussions and actions to matters relating solely to the business of ICT. You should not discuss or pursue the business interests of individual insurers, agents or others. There should be no discussions of or agreements to act that serve to restrain competition. This prohibition includes the exchange of information concerning individual company rates, coverage, market practices, claim settlement practices and other competitive aspects of individual company operations. Each member is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion of any of the foregoing subjects.


3. Verify Presence of Quorum - ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.


4. Notice of Meeting - ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.


5. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes – ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.


6. State of ICT – ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.


7.  Annual Report - ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.


8.  Nomination and Election of Member Companies to the Board for a Three-Year Term 2021-2023


Farmers Insurance Group

State Auto Insurance Company



9. Adjourn


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