Insurance Council of Texas and State Farm Insurance Launch Annual Vehicle Theft Deterrence Program:
Hide, Lock, and Take

Nationwide, there are 1.85 million auto thefts annually and $1.2 billion in personal property taken from vehicles.

Austin, TX – (Nov. 19, 2021) Each year, the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) partners with State Farm Insurance and police departments across Texas to distribute thousands of Hide, Lock, and Take (HLT) signs to communities across the state. ICT and its partners aim to educate the public on the importance of protecting their vehicles and personal property, especially during the busy holiday shopping season. The program urges motorists to Hide your possessions, Lock your vehicle, and Take your keys when they leave their vehicles.

“Hide, Lock and Take is an effective safety program for communities and decreases the number of thefts. According to law enforcement, Hide, Lock and Take signs reduce break-ins and car thefts by as much as 20 percent,” said Rich Johnson, director of communication with the Insurance Council of Texas. “The more we educate the public about these simple preventative steps and make them aware of their surroundings while out in public or parked in their driveways, the less attractive their vehicle becomes to would-be car thieves.” 

Last year in Texas, over 83,000 vehicles were stolen resulting in over $1 billion in losses, and over 153,000 motor vehicles were burglarized resulting in over $186 million in stolen property. This is not just a Texas problem - across the country a vehicle was stolen every 36 seconds in 2020. 

“Auto theft and burglaries can be easily mitigated and even prevented if consumers take a few easy steps to keep their vehicles and personal property safe,” said Felicia Hutchins, corporate responsibility analyst with State Farm Insurance. “In addition to following Hide, Lock and Take, installing an alarm or anti-theft device is important. Also, it is important you don’t keep valuables, important documents or items that could make you a future victim of fraud or identity theft such as credit cards or vehicle titles in your car or truck.”

Since 2005, ICT produced and delivered more than 20,000 Hide, Lock, and Take signs found in the parking lots of shopping malls, restaurants, and apartment complexes in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Corpus Christi, and many other Texas communities. The program has been so successful that dozens of Texas police departments have turned to ICT for Hide, Lock, and Take signs.  


About Insurance Council of Texas (ICT)

The Insurance Council of Texas is a nonprofit trade association that promotes the property and casualty insurance industry by providing relevant information and resources to its members, the public, regulators, and the media. 

Interview Requests

ICT staff is available for phone and online interviews to discuss the importance of the Hide, Lock and Take program during the holiday shopping season. Contact Rich Johnson, director of communications and public affairs at or (512) 637-5440.



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