01-03-2014 Gilbert to Chair ICT Board

02-03-2014 Texas Auto & Homeowner Complaints Hit Record Low

02-04-2014 ICT Applauds House Study of Prescription Drug Abuse

02-11-2014 Austin Halloween Insured Flood Losses Top $30 Million

02-13-2014 Texas Arson Hotline Up and Running

03-07-2014 Betts to lead Insurance Council of Texas

03-13-2014 Texas Auto Injury Crashes and Fatalities Rising

03-27-2014 Windshield Repair Fraught with Fraud

04-04-2014 Denton Area Pounded with Large Hail/Tornadoes

04-09-2014 Denton Storm hits $300 Million in Insured Losses

04-16-2014 Experts on Insurance Fraud coming to Austin

04-17-2014 University Students Awarded ICT Scholarships

04-17-2014 Texas Arson Hotline Results in Austin Arrests

04-25-2014 Richardson PD to Step Up its Crime Prevention

05-02-2014 Denton Storm Number Rises

05-08-2014 Richland Hills to receive Crime Prevention Signs

05-21-2014 2014 Hurricane Activity is Anyone’s Guess

05-28-2014 Alice, Texas hit with Baseball Size Hail

06-09-2014 Texas Work Comp Commissioner to Resign

06-13-2014 Injuries and Damage in Abilene Hailstorm

06-19-2014 ICT Symposium highlights Industry Changes

07-11-2014 Abilene Hailstorm Likely to Hit $400 Million

07-11-2014 IIHS President to Speak at Austin Symposium

07-17-2014 Gentry Honored with Raymond Mauk Award

08-04-2014 Insurance Industry Marks its 9th Annual Tour down Texas Coast

08-18-2014 Texas Coast Reminded of HB 3 and TWIA Goals

08-28-2014 Austin Woman Arrested on Arson Charge

09-29-2014 ICT’s Smoke Alarm Program Celebrates 10 Years

10-03-2014 Strong Winds damage D/FW Area

11-25-2014 Secure your Car this Holiday Season

12-02-2014 No Hurricanes but Bad Weather Plaguing Texas

12-04-2014 ICT Honors 16 Students with Fall Scholarships









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