01-03-2005 ICT Response to “Use of Credit Information by Insurers in Texas”

01-10-2005 Statement on Use of Credit Scores

02-01-2005 Statement on Final TDI Credit Score Study

02-14-2005 Statement on 2005 Homeowner Rate Guide

02-16-2005 Statement on Results of 2004 3rd Quarter Results

02-25-2005 Insurance Council Prevails in TWCC Lawsuit

03-02-2005 ICT and APD Work on Crime Prevention Signs

03-11-2005 Committee Supports Insurance Fraud Legislation

03-16-2005 ICT Joins City and Federal Relief Agencies to Commemorate FW Storms

03-28-2005 ICT Joins City and Federal Relief Agencies in Commemorating FW Storms

03-29-2005 Austin Hailstorm Expected to Top $100 Million

04-14-2005 ICT Honors University Students with Scholarships

04-18-2005 ICT Questions TWCC Enforcement Actions Files Lawsuit

05-04-2005 Texas Led Nation in First Qtr Catastrophes

05-11-2005 Texas P&C Symposium Set for July 14

05-17-2005 TV Stations Airing Hurricane Awareness Series

05-25-2005 ICT Statement on Workers’ Compensation Legislative Compromise

06-01-2005 Tips on Maintaining a Good Credit Score

06-07-2005 Statement on Commissioner Geeslin’s Appointment

06-09-2005 Season’s First Tropical Storm Headed Toward Gulf

06-20-2005 Governor Perry Signs Insurance Fraud Legislation

07-06-2005 Tropical Storm Dennis Threatens Gulf

07-14-2005 Jim Drawert Honored with Raymond Mauk Award

07-14-2005 Good News Permeates Mid Year Symposium

08-03-2005 ICT to Host Workers’ Comp Conference

09-16-2005 Insurers Want to Hear from Katrina Victims

09-21-2005 Insurance Cat Teams Mobilize for Rita

09-26-2005 Hurricane Victims Can File Claims before Seeing Damage

10-03-2005 ICT Project Donates Smoke Alarms

10-06-2005 ICT Assists Round Rock Police in Crime Prevention

10-11-2005 Workers' Compensation Seminars Set for Austin and Dallas

10-14-2005 ICT Awards $15,000 in Scholarships

11-01-2005 Hurricane Rita’s Losses total $4.7 Billion

11-15-2005 ICT Questions Inaction on Windstorm Rates

11-21-2005 ICT Joins Mesquite Police on Crime Prevention

11-23-2005 Texas Recovering from Hurricane Rita

12-07-2005 ICT Joins Garland Police on Crime Prevention

12-16-2005 Devlin to Chair Texas Insurance Fraud Committee

12-27-2005 AFACT Elects New Officers

12-28-2005 Extreme Caution Urged on Use of Fireworks

12-29-2005 Texas Farm Bureau VP Elected ICT Chairman










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