Insurance industry and local police departments promote crime prevention with Lock, Take and Hide signs


Auto burglaries and thefts affect over 250,000 motorists each year in Texas resulting in more than $1 billion in losses according to the Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVPCA).


As the holiday season begins, 16 police departments across Texas are receiving 2,400  Lock, Take and Hide signs thanks to a program sponsored by the Insurance Council of Texas. The signs offer motorists a simple message preventing auto burglaries and thefts.  Lock your car, Take your keys and Hide your possessions. Police officers say the signs have two effects in warning would-be criminals that motorists are using crime prevention tips making it harder to break into vehicles and issuing a notice that police may be nearby. 


ICT, together with program sponsors State Farm Insurance, National Insurance Crime Bureau and MVCPA are delivering signs to police departments in Corpus Christi, Richardson and Mesquite, Texas. Cities work with local businesses and residents to place the signs in large parking areas such as city parks, shopping malls and apartment complexes.  Police departments state that Lock, Take and Hide signs account for significant reductions in auto burglaries where signs are placed – in some cities up to 80% reductions.


ICT’s Lock, Take and Hide program educates and encourages Texans to take proactive steps to reduce risks of vehicle burglary and theft. We’re proud to continue supporting Lock, Take and Hide to make our communities stronger and safer. “  said Felicia Van Frank, State Farm spokesperson.


Public Events are taking place as follows:

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Corpus Christi

November 7

10:00 AM

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November 14

10:00 AM

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400 Greenville Avenue


November 14

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San Angelo

November 15

10:00 AM



“These signs are an effective way to remind people of their role to protect their property and help law enforcement combat motor vehicle crime,” said Chairman Tommy Hansen of the MVCPA and Galveston County Sheriff Lieutenant.


Here are some tips for consumers to prevent auto burglary:

  • Do not leave your keys in the car or leave the vehicle running while unattended. According to MVCPA, over 25% of stolen vehicles had keys left in the vehicle

  • Place items in your trunk before you arrive at your destination to reduce thieves who target vehicles with known valuables stored in the trunk

  • Park in well-lit areas, be alert to your surroundings and minimize distractions as you walk to your destination

  • Anti-theft devices such as an alarm, ignition kill-switch, gas cap lock, window VIN etching and a vehicle tracking device all protect your vehicle and deter theft

  • If you see suspicious behavior, call 9-1-1 – don’t attempt to insert yourself in a dangerous situation


For more information, contact ICT’s Communications Director, Camille Garcia at 512-713-4262 or your local police department to find out more about the Lock, Take and Hide program.


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