As night time temps fall…ICT reminds you to stay safe inside!


While Texans are enjoying day time temperatures that may make our East coast friends a bit jealous, our heating systems are still working overtime during the night and early morning hours and with that comes the dangers of home fires.


Heating equipment is involved in 1 in every 7 reported home fires and 1 in every 5 home fire deaths. Heating fires are now the second leading cause of death and are preventable with a little preparation. Whether you use space heaters, fireplaces, radiators or wood stoves, the key is to keep those heat sources at least three feet away from anything that can catch fire.


Plan your purchase

A child or pet can easily topple a space heater and the skin burns are a painful reminder of prevention. As you shop for a portable heater, make sure the label shows it’s been tested. These types of heaters often have an automatic shut off switch in the event they are knocked over while in use.


Check your home

Scan your bedroom and living areas. Are quilts, pillows, furniture or clothing placed too close to these heat sources?   Home fires are now the second leading cause of death for older adults.  Living with or caring for our older parents or neighbors means we check in to make sure they are safely storing their bedding and other combustible items at least 3 feet away from heaters.


We often forget that a smoke alarm alerts occupants of smoke or fire danger adding precious minutes or even seconds enabling a safer escape. It’s always smart to check your smoke detector’s batteries and as we turn the page on another year, why not add that to your new year’s resolution? Your local fire department is a great resource and may even check on smoke detectors in homes. Since 2005, ICT has provided over 20,000 smoke alarms to local fire departments through our “We’re out to alarm Texas” program. Together with our safety partners, Travelers, State Farm, Hochheim Prairie, AFACT and First Alert, ICT urges you to prepare today and be safe tomorrow. Call your local station to see if they have a smoke alarm program in your neighborhood.


When it’s cold outside, let’s stay warm (and safe) inside. Stay safe Texans!


For more information contact, Camille Garcia, Director of Communications and Public Affairs 512-713-4262. Check out our Winter Weather Safety page including driving tips and frozen pipes.




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