Costliest Storms in Texas

Texans are resilient as evidenced by the way we respond to the number of weather catastrophes we face every year. Hurricanes, hail, flood and tornadoes are the hallmarks of our Lone Star state. We often rank in the top two states for natural weather disasters and we encourage you to talk to your agent or carrier today and make sure you are covered for what tomorrow brings.



The Texas insurance industry is committed to our customers and we recognize the importance of remaining financially solvent to be there when our customers need us most. The charts below outline the cost of these events – but we also need to be aware that in addition to property losses, many of these events also result in lives lost. To that end, we need to keep ever vigilant, protecting ourselves, our families, our property from these catastrophic occurrences.




ICT invites you to take a look at the State of the Texas Property & Casualty Insurance Market, an ICT publication that includes statistics around the size of the Texas insurance market and its contribution to our state’s economic vitality.



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