TDI Issues Data Call for 2017 Commercial Property and Businessowners Insurance


Earlier today, TDI issued Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0011-18, and announced a special data call to companies writing direct commercial property or businessowners insurance in Texas during calendar year 2017. The data call is necessary to supplement TDI's statistical information and to enable the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association to calculate participation shares in case assessments become necessary.

Companies must respond to the data call if it falls within one of the categories described below. Companies subject to this data call are required to submit the data call form and certification to TDI even if the company does not write any applicable business in the Texas catastrophe area.

TDI will email this data call only to companies that fall into one of the following categories:

Category 1
Companies reporting 2017 Texas commercial property or businessowners statistical data to TDI's commercial lines statistical agent, Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), under a minimum or limited reporting format that does not include place code- or ZIP code-level detail. This report specifically includes companies reporting under the TDI minimum reporting guidelines for commercial lines statistical reporting.

Category 2
Companies reporting 2017 Texas commercial property or businessowners statistical data to ISO, under a full reporting plan format in which all four quarters of 2017 data have not been fully accepted by ISO as of March 2, 2018. Companies in this category must report premiums for the entire year, not just the quarters of 2017 that ISO has not fully accepted.

Companies must complete and return their responses no later than June 18, 2018. The bulletin also includes information on required format for the response and submission instructions.



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