House Speaker and Lt. Governor Name Committees for 86th Legislature


On January 23, House Speaker Dennis Bonnen (R- Angleton) announced House committee assignments for the 86th Texas legislative session.  Of interest to ICT members are the House Insurance and House Business and Industry committees.  Both committees will have new chairs, as well as a few new members.
House Insurance hears all property and casualty insurance bills, except  workers’ compensation.  The new House Insurance chair is Rep. Eddie Lucio (D-Brownsville).   The committee will also have 4 other new members, including Rep. Dr. Greg Bonnen who authored HB 1774 (property damage litigation reform) in the 2017 session. The committee is composed of the following members (new members in bold):

Eddie Lucio, III, (D)  CHAIR
Dr. Tom Oliverson, (R) Vice-Chair
Dr. Greg Bonnen (R)
Sarah Davis (R)
Stan Lambert (R)
Julie Johnson (D)

Dennis Paul (R)
Hubert Vo (D)
Chris Turner (D)

House Business and Industry had numerous changes, including a new chair, Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D-San Antonio).  The committee has seven other new members and only one returning member from the 2017 session.  This committee hears workers’ compensation bills. The committee is composed of the following members (new members in bold):

Trey Martinez-Fischer (D) CHAIR
Drew Darby (R) Vice-Chair
Nicole Collier (D)
Brooks Landgraf (R)
Hugh Shine (R)
Michelle Beckley (D)
Joseph Moody (D)
Tan Parker (R)
Jared Patterson (R)

Both committees feature new chairs, as both previous chairs left the legislature. 

Also of note, Rep. Todd Hunter (R - Corpus Christi)  was replaced as Chair of the influential House Calendars committee by Rep. Four Price (R - Amarillo).

View the full list of house committee appointments here.

The House committee appointments today follow the January 18th announcement of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Senate committee appointments.

The Senate Business & Commerce committee, which hears insurance related bills, is composed of the following members (new members in bold):

Kelly Hancock (R), Chair
Robert Nichols, (R) Vice Chair
Donna Campbell (R)
Brandon Creighton (R)
Jose Menendez (D)
Angela Paxton (R)
Charles Schwertner (R)
John Whitmire (D)
Judith Zaffirini (D)

In addition, Senate Nominations has a new chair and members. This committee reviews Governor appointees, such as the insurance commissioner and workers’ compensation commissioner, before recommending for confirmation by the full Senate. The Nominations committee members are:

Dawn Buckingham, (R) CHAIR
Kirk Watson, (D) Vice Chair
Carol Alvarado (D)
Bob Hall (R)
Lois Kolkhorst (R)
Borris Miles (D)
Kel Seliger (R)

On January 22nd, Lt. Gov. Patrick announced that Sen. Kel Seliger (R- Amarillo), who had been named as chair of Senate Agriculture, Water, and Rural Affairs, was removed from that position due to comments made during the weekend

View the full list of Senate committee appointments here.


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