June was a Hail of a Month



Hailstorms struck several areas of Texas last month with much of the state pelted with hail the size of pennies and larger reported on 16 of the 30 days during June.  The Texas panhandle, west Texas, northeast Texas and central Texas appeared to receive the brunt of the month’s hailstorms.  (The map below shows the location and size of the hail that pounded the state.)

The town of Coleman near Abilene got clobbered on June 19 with softball size hail. Just a month earlier, tornadoes caused heavy damage near the same area.

In 2016, Texas experienced 45 days of hailstorms occuring somewhere in the state during the months of April and May making Texas home to the costliest hail losses in the country. San Antonio suffered the state's costliest hailstorm with $1.4 bilion in losses.




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