Hide, Lock, and Take

ICT Crime Prevention Program

The Hide, Lock, and Take program was started by the Dallas Police Department in the fall of 2001 in response to the ever-increasing rate of burglaries and car theft, particularly during the late-year holiday shopping seasons.  The program urged motorists to Hide their possessions, Lock their car, and Take their keys, when they leave their vehicle.

On March 2, 2005, the Austin Police Department saw the success of the crime prevention program in Dallas and turned to the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) for initial funding of the Hide, Lock, and Take crime prevention program in Austin. 

ICT produced and delivered the first 100 Hide, Lock, and Take signs that were installed in the parking areas of Austin’s shopping malls, restaurants and apartment complexes. The program was so successful that the Austin Police Department purchased an additional 1,000 Hide, Lock, and Take signs that were distributed throughout Austin.

Since that time, dozens of Texas police departments have turned to ICT for Hide, Lock, and Take signs.  Law enforcement officers say where ever the signs are placed, the incidence of auto theft and auto burglaries is reduced by 20 percent.   

Auto thefts can occur at any time, but the highest reports of auto burglary often appear during the heavy holiday shopping season starting in November.  This is the time that ICT works with police departments and tries to fulfill the requests for Hide, Lock, and Take signs. 

Watch ICT's Hide, Lock, and Take video below.

For cities or police departments seeking additional information on ICT’s Hide, Lock, and Take program, contact Camille Garcia at 512-637-5440 office, 512-713-4262 cell, or cgarcia@insurancecouncil.org.


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