Lock, Take and Hide

ICT Crime Prevention Program

The Lock, Take and Hide program was started by the Dallas Police Department in the fall of 2001 in response to the ever increasing rate of burglaries and car theft, particularly during the late-year holiday shopping seasons.  The program urged motorists to Lock their car, Take their keys and Hide their possessions when they leave their vehicle.

On March 2, 2005, the Austin Police Department saw the success of the crime prevention program in Dallas and turned to the Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) for initial funding of the Lock, Take and Hide crime prevention program in Austin. 

ICT produced and delivered the first 100 Lock, Take and Hide signs that were installed in the parking areas of Austin’s shopping malls, restaurants and apartment complexes. The program was so successful that the Austin Police Department purchased an additional 1,000 Lock, Take and Hide signs that were distributed throughout Austin. 

ICT introduced the Lock, Take and Hide crime prevention program in Round Rock later that year and at the urging of ICT’s Board of Directors, the program was offered to the police departments in Garland and Mesquite.  In 2006, the Frisco Police Department joined ICT in starting their Lock, Take and Hide program.  

In 2007, the Houston Police Department joined with ICT in a city-wide crime prevention effort to distribute the crime prevention signs that read Secure, Take and Lock.  Houston officials asked for and received their own unique sign that asked motorists to Secure your belongings, Take your keys and Lock your car.  ICT turned to Progressive Insurance Company who agreed to participate in the program and provide the Houston Police Department with an additional 200 signs. 

In 2008, the Celina Police Department in north Texas asked to become a part of the Lock, Take and Hide program and they asked for 50 signs which the police department erected themselves.  Also, this year the Texas Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority (ABTPA) began requesting assistance for the crime prevention signs in their regional centers.  ICT provided the Lock, Take and Hide signs to the ABTPA in Laredo, Del Rio and Brownsville.  Progressive Insurance provided the Brownsville Police Department and their ABTPA an additional 100 signs. 

In 2009, the ABTPA requested Lock, Take and Hide signs for their regional centers in Galveston and Beaumont.  The Highland Village Police Department in north Texas also requested and received 100 Lock, Take and Hide signs this year. 

In 2010, the ABTPA requested Lock, Take and Hide signs for its regional centers in Lubbock and Waco.  The crime prevention signs were also requested by the College Station Police Department. 

In November, 2010, ICT obtained a $15,000 grant from State Farm to purchase additional signs and to assist new cities and provide signs to existing cities.  The El Paso ABTPA and El Paso Sheriff’s Department, Flower Mound and the Travis County ABTPA were added.  Additional signs were sent to Houston, Brownsville, Garland, Mesquite, College Station, Celina, Highland Village, Frisco and Del Rio.

ICT has annually continued to provide Lock, Take and Hide signs to law enforcement agencies throughout the state.  To date, ICT has provided more than 3,000 Lock, Take and Hide signs to two dozen Texas cities. 

For more information about the program, contact ICT’s Mark Hanna at mhanna@insurancecouncil.org



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