“I urge everyone to take this opportunity to listen and learn. There is no magic wand to resolve these
long-time national issues on race and racial justice and equality. It cannot be solved by one group or one individual.

Insurance is here to help fix the property damage, but other ‘fixes’ require a commitment of the heart and soul,
and will be a much longer and tougher process."
~ Albert Betts, Jr.

Read the full message to members from ICT Executive Director Albert Betts, Jr.




Press Release: ICT Extends Our Sympathy to the Nation and Answers Coverage Questions

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We stand as Allies with our black colleagues and colleagues who are part of racially mixed families.
You are not alone in your heartache. We hear your anguish, see your grief and acknowledge your pain.“

AIG announces $500,000 in donations



We keep seeing more examples of a broken society, fueled by a variety of factors but all connected by inherent bias and systemic racism.“




"We all have an obligation to find our voice and raise it when we see social injustice."




As an organization that values inclusion and equality, we stand together against intolerance, racism and discrimination.“


CNA announces $100,000 donation


“This is a time for us to join together in support of basic human and civil rights, and to find new ways to be a force for good in our communities.”

Farmers announces $250,000 in donations



“We are outraged because we are witnessing one of our country’s greatest assets – its diversity – fall victim to a continuing pattern of systemic injustice.”



We are saddened, angry and concerned by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis,
and we send our deepest condolences to his family for their loss. We’re alarmed about the destruction in our communities.
We are struggling to make sense of everything and determine what we can do to be a force for good and affect change.”


Nationwide announces $1M donation


“These times are a stark reminder that our society still suffers from far too many cases of distrust, hatred, and racism.
This is not the world we should accept as a society.”


State Farm announces $1M donation



“Taking care of our communities is about recognizing that in many places where we live and work, there are wounds that go deeper.”




"Solving racial injustice in the short run will be incredibly difficult, talking about it openly may be awkward, but silence is not an option.
So many in our nation,
including many of our teammates, feel the pain from the upheaval our country is experiencing right now."



The heartbreaking death of George Floyd and resulting protests nationwide for equality and
justice have drawn attention to the need for immediate and sustainable change in our communities."