Past Webinars

TWIA and the Texas Legislature: What happened this session? (originally aired June 23, 2021)

State of the Texas Workers’ Comp Market (originally aired April 21, 2021)

Changing an Insured’s Bad Behavior: Distracted Driving (originally aired April 14, 2021)

Social Inflation's Impact on P&C (originally aired February 24, 2021)

COVID-19 Business Interruption and Liability Claims - A Texas Update (originally aired February 9, 2021)

Understanding the Impact of Nuclear Verdicts (originally aired January 26, 2021)

Election Recap and Legislative Preview (originally aired November 18, 2020)

Recent Fraud Trends in Texas Property and Casualty Insurance (originally aired May 12, 2020)

State of the Texas Workers' Comp System and Covid-19 (originally aired March 25, 2020)

Insurance Careers Month: Finding, Hiring and Managing Millennial Insurance Pros (originally aired February 12, 2020)

5 Emerging Trends in Insurance for 2020 (originally aired January 22, 2020)

3 Ways Insurers Can Stay Ahead of the Curve with AI (originally aired December 12, 2019)

Legislative Changes at TWIA: Whats Around the Corner? (originally aired November 18, 2019)

Weathering the storm: How building codes affect claims, recovery, and rebuilding (originally aired September 18, 2019)

Top 10 Property and Casualty Bills of the 86th Texas Legislative Session (originally aired May 15, 2019)

Spring Storm Season in Texas (originally aired March 28, 2019)

The Aging of an Industry: Closing Skill Gaps During Generational Change (originally aired Fecruary 19, 2019)

2019 Texas Legislative Preview (originally aired January 10, 2019)


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