Raymond Mauk Leadership Award           

The Raymond Mauk Award honors former Texas Fire Commissioner Raymond Mauk and annually recognizes someone who has made a notable contribution to the Texas property and casualty insurance industry.

Mauk enjoyed a long and distinguished career and held many positions of leadership within his company and industry organizations. 

More than 70 years ago, Commissioner Mauk was convinced that fundamental change was needed to protect the insurance buying public and the integrity of the marketplace from the misapplication of rates and forms.  To accomplish his goal, Mauk envisioned the creation of a central checking office that would enforce good business practices and audit the insurance industry’s paperwork for errors and competitive greed.  Faced with opposition and a resistance to change, Mauk labored for two years to build support from both agents and companies.

By February 1935, Mauk’s leadership had led to the successful establishment of the Texas Insurance Checking Office, an institution, which continues to serve the Texas industry today.


Raymond Mauk Leadership Award Recipients

1998 - Don Manthe

1999 - Lyndon Anderson

2000 - Sam Winters

2001 - L.A. Smith Jr.

2002 - Ernie Stromberger

2003 - Clem H. Spalding, CPCU

2004 - Bill Thornton CPCU, CLU

2005 - Jim Drawert

2006 - James Langford

2007 - Richard S. “Dick” Geiger

2008 - Richard “Dick” Reynolds

2009 - William H. Huff, III

2010 - Will D. Davis

2011 - Dianne Morris

2012 - Jay Thompson

2013 - Ron Cobb

2014 - Rick Gentry

2015 - Craig W. Sparks

2016 - Ron Lawson

2017 - Lyndell Haigood

2018 - Mike Gerik

2019 - Verle Petri