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Scholarship Recipients

ICT’s Education Foundation awarded a total of over $90,000 to risk management students from nine Texas universities: Baylor, St. Mary’s University, Texas Southern University, University of Houston—Main & Downtown, University of Texas—Dallas, San Antonio & Rio Grande Valley, and University of North Texas. The Education Foundation’s goal is to promote careers in insurance, by raising awareness of the industry and supporting students and professors. During the annual symposium, ICT coordinates a speed interview sessions connecting students and companies with each other.

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Baylor scholarship recipients Julian Villareal, Brittany Alvarado, Blake Bruckner, Jessie Grant, and Catherine Szuhay

St. Mary's

Rick Gentry, Jr., former ICT Executive Director and current Education Foundation board member, Camille Garcia, ICT Director of Communications and PR, Felicia Van Frank, State Farm Public Affairs, St. Mary’s University Risk Management students: Olivia Bachelet, Markus Reyes, Angelica Rabago, Luis Rodriguez, and Bianca Hernandez, Albert Betts, ICT Executive Director, Dr. David Sommer, Risk Management Professor, Mark Hanna, former ICT Manager Public Relations, and Susan Gordon, St. Mary’s Executive in Residence.

Texas Southern University

Texas Southern University scholarship recipient Jada Wheeler, ICT Education Foundation Trustee Joe Johnson, Education Foundation President Tony Gonzalez, ICT's Mark Hanna, Texas Southern University Professor Dr. Felix Ayadi, ICT Executive Director Albert Betts, and scholarship recipient Shawn McCoy

University of Houston

University of Houston scholarship recipients Amber Mixon, Briseyda Garduno, Marilyn Yi, Nicole Dillon, and Alonte Fontenot with UH Professor Mack Rogers, Education Foundation Board President Tony Gonzalez, Education Foundation Board Member Rick Gentry, UH Professor Nick Kapatos, and ICT Executive Director Albert Betts.

University of Houston-Downtown

Top row: ICT Education Foundation Trustee Joe Johnson, Michael Pearson, Jose Salinas, Ricardo Melchor, Bryan Sanders, and ICT's Mark Hanna
Bottom row left to right: Professor Priscilla Oehlert, Carmela Cancino, Cassandra Cadriel, Professor Pam Hurley

University of Texas at Dallas

Education Foundation trustee Craig Sparks, ICT’s Mark Hanna, UT Dallas professor Debra Richardson, UT Dallas students Yasmeen Tayeb, Antony Moyalan, Britten Burchardt, Sean Kirwan, Lydia Bordo, Zaarah Abbas, Education Foundation trustee Errica Rivera, student Stephanie White, Education Foundation President Tony Gonzalez, ICT Executive Director Albert Betts, and student Alisha Elhassan.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

ICT’s Albert Betts, UTRGV student Arrisa Walensky, Professor Kenneth Lovell, UTRGV students David Ornelas, Jose Silva, Jesus Alvarado, Jennifer Dominguez, Interim Business Dean Wesley Balda, Department Dean Andre Mollick, Farmer’s Agent Mark Perez and ICT’s Mark Hanna

University of Texas at San Antonio

UTSA students Cody Prouse, Natalie Torresday, ICT’s Mark Hanna, Education Foundation President Tony Gonzalez, Education Foundation trustee Felicia Van Frank, UTSA students Sean Cato, Alondra Villarreal, Louis Garcia and Professor Ron Sweet.

ICT Education Foundation President Tony Gonzalez and Education Trustee Felicia Van Frank presenting an ICT scholarship to UTSA's Louis Garcia

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