Bobby Guerrero


Bobby Guerrero
University of North Texas

Majoring in Risk Management & Insurance

Graduation: May 2021


Bobby is a 2020 recipient of the ICT Education Foundation scholarship. A bilingual professional, his commitment to his academic career, his leadership role in Gamma Iota Sigma, the insurance fraternity, and an internship in the industry make us proud of the kind of young professionals our industry is gaining!


Here is Bobby’s story!


My interest in the insurance industry started while I was working as a front desk receptionist of a hair salon in downtown Dallas. People who expressed interest in wanting to know what I’m studying in college were all insurance professionals, and through that experience I found out that three clients of the salon have had two professors who I could potentially have if I elect to study risk management and insurance at UNT. This unique circumstance increased my interest in realizing that this industry seeks out to build relationships with others and encourage one another to learn. I quickly got involved with the RMI program at UNT and was fortunate enough this summer to have an internship with Travelers as an Underwriter. Completing an internship in the insurance industry only solidified my decision in wanting to have a career in insurance, and to be more specific, a career in Underwriting. Upon graduation I hope to enter a training program so that I can develop into a great Underwriter.


Thanks ICT Education Foundation and those donors who support students like me!


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