Student Spotlight - Bryce Laursen


Bryce Laursen
St. Mary’s University

Majoring in Finance and Risk Management

Graduation: December 2021


Throughout my time at St. Mary’s, I have been blessed with many opportunities most students don’t receive during their time in college. When I first came to St. Mary’s, I was introduced to an academic fraternity known as Gamma Iota Sigma. Gamma Iota Sigma is an international professional fraternity organized to promote, encourage and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management and actuarial science as professions. While I was always extremely interested in the financial side of business, insurance was one field that I was extremely interested in exploring. Most of this curiosity came from my brother, who is currently a catastrophe claims adjuster at Travelers Insurance. He had always told me about the massive opportunities that insurance possesses and to always keep an open mind about going into the insurance industry. With the personal influence from my brother and my curiosity about the insurance world, I found that Gamma Iota Sigma was the perfect fit for me to be more fully exposed to the insurance world.

During my time as a member of Gamma Iota Sigma, I have been blessed to experience mentorship, guidance, and knowledge about the insurance industry. I have also had the opportunity to attend multiple WSIA symposiums in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. At these symposiums, we had the opportunity to network with industry professionals, learn about the industry, and converse with fellow students who are also interested in the insurance industry. Attending these conferences allowed me to expand my knowledge in the insurance world, learn how to communicate with business professionals, and experience all of the great opportunities insurance has to offer. While staying involved with Gamma Iota Sigma and being a full time student, I also work two jobs on the side. I currently work for a local car wash called Bee Clean Car Wash, as well as a mobile vaccination clinic known as Vanguard Vet. At the car wash, I am a supervisor who is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing my employees. This position has really shown me the importance of customer service and how to effectively be a leader in the workplace. I also am a computer operator at Vanguard Vet. My responsibilities include putting accurate and efficient data entry for customers, handling Cash Management to ensure proper counting of transactions, and ensuring customer satisfaction. While working at the vet, I have been exposed to how to operate databases and properly input data. Being a full time student while working two jobs is challenging, but I appreciate it because it allows me to hone my skills at properly managing my time.

Thankfully, all of my hard work has paid off for me as I was offered an internship with WSIA (Wholesale and Specialty Insurance Association) where I spent 4 weeks as an Underwriter and 4 weeks as a Broker. This internship allowed me to see the insurance industry from two different perspectives. As I get ready to graduate from St. Mary’s University, with a B.S. in Finance and Risk Management, I am looking forward to an opportunity with USAA as a Financial Analyst intern.

I’m extremely grateful to Professor David Sommer who recommended me as an ICT Scholarship recipient. I am extremely excited for what the future holds as I pursue a career in the insurance industry.

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