Student Spotlight - Elijah Kabalka


Elijah Kabalka

University of Houston-Downtown

Majoring in Insurance and Risk Management

May 2021 Graduation






With a future in risk management. I aim to evolve as an effective communicator, as someone who is efficient in the calculation of the probable corporate risks and also able to analytically solve problems at hand effectively. For a professional in risk management, it is essential to have a multi-disciplinary approach with a wide understanding of each and every financial instrument and internal business processes. My current qualifications make me a suitable candidate for such a role. I hold plenty of experience, multiple licenses, designations and exposure that is required for an individual to become a pro at risk management and aim to further my qualifications and experience as well as personal growth. At present I hold All Lines Adjuster License, Life & Health Insurance Agent License, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent License, Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) Designation, and Energy Risk and Insurance Specialist (ERIS) Designation.


It is with profound gratitude and humility that I thank you for the incredibly generous scholarship and that you have found me and my educational and professional endeavors worthy of awarding. To be recognized by industry professionals in this way is so encouraging and heartening to me during a year that has stunned so many in so many ways, this pandemic being such a destabilizing and chaotic factor added to the high cost of higher education over the past generation or two. For nearly a generation now you have been recognizing and supporting students, and I am so proud to represent your quest for excellence with my own work as an insurance professional on his way to success in responsible service to my community.


What has always fascinated me about this work is the ongoing dedication to knowing what we do not know and persevering through that all the same to make the world clearer to process and with a framework based in accepting that. As I consider the ways our society has been engulfed by risks that once seemed the stuff of history from over a century ago or apocalyptic film, I am deeply grateful for the enhanced ability you are giving me to continue my study as we make our way through countless supply chain disruptions and strategic risk management techniques. As you all know, risk is a constant, but so too are solutions to mitigate it and its effects, and as a problem solver and a planner in equal measure, I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to serve others and to provide them the stability borne of my knowledge gained with earning the ARM designation. The process of earning that capacity for steadiness in the face of the unknown is one that I know will help me serve my future clients with the quality and compassion that they deserve.


Thank you for smoothing my path, for clearing the way for me to focus intensely on my education, specifically my ARM designation. It is my fondest hope to contribute to the very organization that helped me to afford the furthering of my education and the career built from it; I very much look forward to paying it forward so that others may benefit as I have been able to thanks to your outstanding generosity and kindness. I cannot thank you enough in words, but I can certainly try here and with the promise of my future actions to help others as you have so helped me.


With much respect and great gratitude,

Elijah Kabalka



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