Student Spotlight - Tommee Peeravong


Tommee Peeravong
University of North Texas

Majoring in Risk Management and Real Estate

Graduation: December 2020


Congratulations to Tommee Peeravong, a recent graduate from the University of North Texas and an ICT Education Foundation Scholarship recipient. Graduating with a BAAS with a minor in Risk Management and Real Estate, Tommee has already experienced the industry as a catastrophe claims adjuster!


After dropping out of UNT, many years ago, to help his family, Tommee became a contract catastrophe claims adjuster with Allstate knowing that someday he’d return to the classroom to finish his B.S. degree. His friend introduced him to claims handling and as he reflects on his experience, Tommee says, “being a catastrophe adjuster opened up a whole new world and rewarded me by giving me insight into a future career path.”


A leader in the classroom, Tommee was also a leader with Gamma Iota Sigma, the insurance industry’s fraternity. Good luck Tommee – and welcome back to a great industry!


For more information or to donate to the Education Foundation click here. ICT Member company Executives, Hiring Managers,  HR and Talent Acquisition Representatives, we welcome you visiting our Job Center page to see Tommee’s resume – as well as other 2020 Education Foundation Scholars. If you need a password, contact our webmaster, Davida Redwine.


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