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About Us

ICT Executive Director, Albert Betts, Jr.

The Insurance Council of Texas (ICT) was created when the Texas Insurance Advisory Association and Texas Automobile Insurance Services Office merged effective September 1, 1996. For over 80 years, these two Texas-based associations had been the principal property and automobile insurance associations for companies operating in Texas.

The merger of these two organizations created a stronger and more efficient trade association through which insurers can collectively represent their interests in the regulatory process and stay abreast of those events that affect the business of insurance in Texas. Importantly, ICT does not seek to compete with national trade associations, but rather to work in harmony with them.

ICT has a staff of 32 employees who work under the guidance of Executive Director Albert Betts, Jr.

Member Companies
Membership in ICT is open to all property and casualty insurance companies operating in Texas. At present, our ranks include over 450 companies that are diverse in size, product line, and method of distribution. The diversity in membership is reflected in the composition of our board of directors which in turn strengthens the leadership of the association.

Associate Members
Associate membership is available to any person, firm or corporation which provides services to property/casualty insurance companies and whose interests are aligned with those of the industry. Admission to associate membership is at the discretion of the Executive Director. Associate members are not eligible to vote, but receive all of the other benefits of membership including the many bulletins, special announcements, and newsletters published by the Insurance Council of Texas.

Board of Directors
ICT is governed by a Board of Directors that is actively involved in the affairs of the association. In addition to serving on committees, they establish the strategic vision and long range plan of the association, approve the annual budget and method of funding, and the staff's annual goals and objectives. Importantly, the board provides the staff with a firsthand understanding of the needs of the industry and has a primary stake in ensuring the association serves the needs of its members.

Standing Committees
ICT has 10 standing committees that provide an organized forum to discuss and formulate policy recommendations on issues relating to personal and commercial lines, claims handling practices, media and communications, and the internal operations of ICT.

ICT represents its members at regulatory hearings effecting residential property and private passenger and commercial auto, and workers' compensation insurance.

ICT's committee members and board of directors play an active role in developing regulatory proposals as well as our responses to issues effecting the member companies.

ICT staff attends hearings and other insurance related meetings of the Texas Department of Insurance and provides a prompt and accurate report of the proceedings to the membership.

ICT publishes a weekly "News to Know" that reports on important legislative, judicial and regulatory events.

We also publish numerous updates reporting on the ever changing workers' compensation rules and the Division of Workers' Compensation's Quarterly Insurance Carrier meetings. ICT also publishes a monthly workers' compensation news digest.

ICT staff attends all board meetings of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) and the Texas FAIR Plan Association (TFPA) and provides written reports to the membership.

Annual Symposium, Conferences and Seminars

ICT hosts the Annual Property and Casualty Insurance Symposium that provide persons interested in the Texas insurance industry with an update on important issues.

ICT holds workers' compensation seminars and conferences that provide continuing education opportunities for insurance professionals, adjusters, attorneys, and others who work within the Texas workers’ compensation industry.

Public Relations
ICT's experienced public relations staff represents the membership at important legislative and regulatory hearings. They work with state and national news media on Texas-related insurance stories and serve as an information clearinghouse for member companies, consumers, legislators and their staff, educators, and any other group or individual with insurance-related questions.

ICT is also active in fostering programs which address important consumer issues such as fraud deterrence, hurricane awareness and preparedness, and insurance education.

Staff Assistance
ICT's experienced technical staff answer property, auto and workers' compensation questions concerning Texas statistical plans, rating manuals, forms and related regulatory questions.

ICT Services, Inc.
ICT Services, Inc., one of ICT's for-profit subsidiaries, provides products and services for both members and nonmembers. It sells the Texas Auto Manual and the Texas Personal Lines Manual.

Texas Insurance Checking Office, Inc.
ICT owns, but does not manage, the Texas Insurance Checking Office (TICO), which is the statistical agent designated by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) to collect the data on automobile and residential property under TDI's statistical plans.

TICO also provides manual coding and statistical reporting services for commercial lines and residential property insurance.

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