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Education Foundation

Since 2002, the Insurance Council of Texas has awarded scholarships and other educational funds to Texas university students and partner universities to help nurture the next generation of insurance professionals. In 2007, ICT created the ICT Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, to administer the growing scholarship program. As of Dec. 31, 2023, the Education Foundation has awarded over $1.5 million in awards to promote careers in the insurance industry. And 100% of all donations go directly to scholarships and academic achievement awards.

For individual contributions or questions please reach Linda Vallejo at

2023 Education Foundation Impact Report

On behalf of the ICT Education Foundation Board of Trustees and staff, we kindly ask you review the 2023 ICT Education Foundation Impact Report. The Report offers valuable insights into the remarkable achievements of the students and professors at our partner universities and the significant accomplishments realized in 2023.

ICT Education Foundation Awards $75,000 in Scholarships

Celebrating academic excellence, the Insurance Council of Texas Education Foundation proudly awarded scholarships to 40 deserving students for the fall of 2023. A total of $75,000 was graciously distributed among these bright minds across our nine partner universities. This remarkable initiative reflects the ICT's commitment to fostering education and supporting aspiring talents.

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients, whose dedication and commitment to learning are truly commendable. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will undoubtedly make in their academic pursuits.

Bryan Alvarado - University of Houston - Downtown Campus
Enzo Terrell - University of North Texas
Jose Gutierrez - St. Mary's University
Matthew Dehn - University of North Texas
Megan  Beach - St. Mary's University
Alexander Rodriguez - University of Houston - Downtown Campus
Alvaro Arcia Lopez - St. Mary's University
Armando Ramirez - Baylor University
David Adame - University of Texas Dallas

Jake Faryniarz - St. Mary's University

Kendra Turner - St. Mary's University
Liliana Rojas - St. Mary's University
Mason Parr - University of North Texas
Muskaan Josan - St. Mary's University
Rylie Mooney - University of North Texas
Aaron Flores - St. Mary's University
Abdullah Mohammad Mahi - St. Mary's University
Alena Nguyen - University of Texas Dallas
Alexa Ramirez - St. Mary's University
Arya Sefidgar-Djedi - University of Texas Dallas
Bilal Abdulwadood - University of Texas Dallas
Carroll Montgomery - University of Texas San Antonio
Catherine Koja - University of North Texas
Daniel Salameh - University of Texas Dallas
Daysha Watts - Baylor University
Erik Dillard - St. Mary's University
Ethan Tran - University of North Texas
Gabriel Ramirez - St. Mary's University
Harizah Kabiruddin - University of North Texas
Issiah Henderson - University of Texas San Antonio
Jason Garcia - University of Texas Dallas
Kristin Dinh - University of Houston Main Campus
Lauren Silva - University of Texas San Antonio
Mai Nguyen - University of Texas Dallas
Rita Dicarlo - Baylor University
Trista Dodd - University of North Texas
Ubaldo Silva Jr. - University of Houston Downtown Campus
Van Dang - University of North Texas
Veronica Garcia - St. Mary's University
Zikhozonke Gwengu - University of Texas San Antonio
Watch the video below to learn more about the Education Foundation.
Top row from left to right, Joe Johnson, John Schramm, Rich Johnson, John Henle, Felicia Hutchins, Errica Rivera, Albert Betts. 
Bottom row, Max McClure, 
Tony Gonzalez, Angela Doss, Paula Harmon, Rick Gentry
Top row from left to right, Joe Johnson, John Schramm, Rich Johnson, John Henle, Felicia Hutchins, Errica Rivera, Albert Betts. Bottom row, Max McClure, Tony Gonzalez, Angela Doss, Paula Harmon, Rick Gentry

Today, the Education Foundation awards scholarships to students at nine Texas universities:

  • Baylor University
  • St. Mary’s University
  • Texas Southern University
  • University of Houston
  • University of Houston-Downtown
  • University of North Texas
  • The University of Texas at Dallas
  • The University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio.


"Scholarships have a profound impact on my students, both academically and personally. Financial assistance through scholarships alleviates the heavy burden of educational costs, allowing students to focus on their studies and excel in their coursework. Beyond the financial aspect, scholarships instill confidence and a sense of recognition, motivating students to strive for excellence and make meaningful contributions to the field of insurance and risk management."

Steven Haynes, Assistant Professor of Practice, Finance and Managerial Economics Director, Risk Management and Insurance, UT-Dallas



The mission of the ICT Education Foundation is to promote career opportunities in the Property and Casualty insurance industry, through scholarships and other financial support, for university students enrolled in risk management and insurance programs at participating Texas universities.


"I am proud to support the ICT Education Foundation and the invaluable work they undertake in shaping the future of the industry. By contributing to this foundation, we are actively participating in the growth of the P&C industry and ensuring that the next generation is well-prepared from day one. The foundation’s commitment to education and placing young people in this thriving industry, I am honored to be part of this journey toward a bright future. Together, we can empower the upcoming generations to excel in the dynamic and exciting industry.”

Mike Gerik, Texas Farm Bureau, ICT Board Chair


2024 Supporters of Education

John Schramm
Higginbotham & Associates Inc.

Craig Sparks

Anonymous Donor

Albert Betts, Jr.
Insurance Council of Texas

Rick Gentry

Michael Gerik
Texas Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Felicia Hutchins
State Farm

Company Match
State Farm

Joseph Johnson

Debra Lee Richardson
Retired - UT at Dallas

David Weber
Hochheim Prairie

William Weldon
The Travelers Companies, Inc.

Brian Keefer
Allied Trust Insurance Co

Wayne Ottoway
Continental Casualty Co

Continental Casualty Co
Company Match

Nichole Van Roekel
Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company

Donna Wright
International Risk Management Institute

ICT Legacy Donors

ICT recognized those that have generously supported the ICT Foundation over the years. As part of our appreciation, we recognized the following 5 and 15 year Legacy Partners for their donations to the foundation:

15-Year Donors

Albert Betts, Jr.

Mike Gerik

Mark Hanna

Debra Richardson

5-Year Donors

Brian Keefer

Previous Legacy Donors

Albert Betts

Wendy Braniff

Lynn (Lynette) Brewer

Ronald (Ron) Cobb

Stuart Colburn

Thomas (Tom) Fitzpatrick

Jim Foltz

Camille Garcia

James Garven

Rick (Herbert) Gentry

Michael (Mike) Gerik

Tony (Antonio) Gonzalez

Lyndell Haigood

Mark Hanna

Paula Harmon

James (Jim) Harms

William (Bill) Huff

Jack lkenaga Jr

Joe Johnson

Sharon Johnson (Retired)

Marvin Kelly

Gerald Ladner (Retired)

Dorothy Langley (Retired)

David Lavergne (Retired)

Timothy McCoy

Keith Mitchell

Steve Nichols

Wayne Ottoway

Juan Padron

William G. Parrillo

Terry Porter

Debra Lee Richardson

Linda Schmidt

Barbara Schoenfeld

John Schramm

Ty Simmons

Byron Smith

David Sommer

Craig Sparks (Retired)

John Stuckemeyer

Lonnie Van Houten

Linda Von Quintas (Retired)

David Weber

William Weldon


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