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Stan Smith, Founder and CEO - Stan founded Gradient AI, first as a unique practice within Milliman to focus on the risk management and insurance industry’s most challenging business problems. He subsequently acquired the business from Milliman in 2018, founding Gradient as a rapid growth independent SaaS organization.

With nearly 30 years of experience growing AI and technology organizations, Stan’s leadership ensures that Gradient is applying the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to the insurance industry, resulting in proven financial performance for its stellar list of customers and better treatment and outcomes for individuals.

Stan has held founding or executive-level roles for multiple startup companies, including Vice President at MatrixOne, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Agile Software, and CEO and Founder at OpenRatings.
Stan also led development of patented technologies including: technology that predicts bankruptcies for small, privately held suppliers; a global database to improve supplier performance for more than 80 million companies; and, technology that combines assessments with performance data to identify opportunities for reducing inefficiencies through lean initiatives.

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