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Survive the Drive: Promoting Safe Habits on Texas Roads


August 23, 2023

Survive the Drive: Promoting Safe Habits on Texas Roads 

In a world where everyone seems to be in a hurry, the simple act of driving has become a daily routine for most people. The ease of hopping into a car and hitting the road has made us forget the immense responsibility that comes with operating a vehicle. Every time we step into a car, we're not just navigating through lanes; we're navigating through potential risks and dangers. The Insurance Council of Texas, in collaboration with AAA Texas, has launched a new public awareness campaign called "Survive the Drive," aimed at shedding light on the perilous habits that people often engage in while driving and emphasizing the importance of safe driving practices. 


The Road to Awareness 

The mission of "Survive the Drive" is to transform the driving culture in Texas by promoting safer habits on the road. With the rising number of accidents caused by distracted driving, speeding, and other reckless behaviors, the need for a comprehensive awareness campaign has never been more urgent. The campaign draws attention to the fact that each time we slip into these bad habits, we're not just risking our own lives, but the lives of everyone else sharing the road with us. 


The Campaign 

The heart of the "Survive the Drive" campaign lies in education. It aims to educate drivers of all ages about the potential consequences of their actions behind the wheel. The campaign doesn't just focus on the obvious dangers like texting while driving; it delves deeper into the data of safe driving, encouraging drivers to be more mindful of their surroundings, adopt defensive driving techniques, and make conscious decisions that prioritize safety.


Key Components of the Campaign 

Distracted Driving Awareness: One of the major contributors to accidents in recent times has been the use of smartphones while driving. The campaign highlights the statistics and stories related to accidents caused by distracted driving, urging drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. 


Speeding and Reckless Driving: The need for speed has often led to devastating consequences. "Survive the Drive" emphasizes the importance of adhering to speed limits and the potentially fatal outcomes of reckless driving. 


Impaired Driving Prevention: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs not only puts the driver at risk but endangers the lives of innocent people as well. The campaign provides eye-opening facts about the dangers of impaired driving and encourages individuals to plan for designated drivers or alternative transportation. 


Sharing the Road Safely: The campaign emphasizes the significance of respecting all road users, from pedestrians to bicyclists to motorcyclists. This is a crucial aspect often overlooked in discussions about road safety. 


Teen Driver Education: The campaign recognizes the heightened vulnerability of young and inexperienced drivers. It offers resources for parents and guardians to educate teen drivers about responsible behavior on the road.


The Role of AAA Texas 

AAA Texas, a renowned advocate for road safety and responsible driving, has partnered with the Insurance Council of Texas to sponsor and support the "Survive the Drive" campaign. With their expertise in promoting safe driving practices, AAA Texas brings credibility, data and a wealth of knowledge to the campaign. Their involvement underscores the seriousness of the issue and reinforces the message that everyone, from individuals to organizations, has a role to play in creating a safer driving environment. 

Empowering Change

"Survive the Drive" seeks to create change in the driving habits of all Texans and transform the way we perceive driving – from a mundane task to a serious responsibility. By spreading awareness and sparking conversations about the dangers of reckless behavior on the road, the campaign aims to promote safe driving habits. 


Getting Involved 

As a responsible member of the community, you can play a pivotal role in the success of the "Survive the Drive" campaign. Start by making a pledge to drive safely, not only for your own sake but for the safety of everyone around you. Share campaign materials on social media, discuss safe driving habits with your family and friends, and become a proactive advocate for road safety. Surviving the drive is not just a matter of chance; it's a matter of choice. #SurviveTheDriveTX 

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